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Recruitment Position :Foreign Trade Representative
Qualification & Requirement:
1、 College Degree or above, Proficiency in English (Oral/Listening), adaptable for short trips (Other provinces in China/overseas);
2、 3 years or above relevant experiences ; Lace/Textile Industry would be more preferred.
Recruitment Position : Foreign Trade Merchandiser

Qualification & Requirement:
1.College Degree or above, with basic knowledge in English.;
2.Familiar with Merchandising process, 2 years or above relevant experiences; Experiences in Textile Industry are more desirable.;
Recruitment Position : Design Assistant

Qualification & Requirement:
1、 Basic Knowledge in Drawing, Capable of Sketching;
2、 Familiar with relevant Drawing Software.


For Interested parties, pls send your resume tochars.zhu@ymtextile.com
Contact person : Mr. Zhu ; Contact Number :(86)20-38393230
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